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Can geneva sustain the world

October - sees the most curious youth summit on governance convened to date 

Purpose of valuetrue is to help peoples, especially youth, rediscover scottish economics 1748-1948.

SE's essential valuetrue question is: if a peoples have no health service, no education, no banking, not enough nutrition , insuffucient clean water and energy and sanitation and safety for their - children how do they value building those sorts of market above all esle? and then linkin other market sectors around valuetrue purposes too? We value the internet's elearning opportunities by being perpared to map and learn from anywhere and any peoples who value such intergenerational sustainability chalenges openly and transparently. Currently the simplest first map we suggest (educators and) all of the net generation looks at is BRAC in Bangladesh. Bangladesh was born the world's poorest new 100 million plus nation in 1971. Villagers were the majority of the populace and their communities had none of the essential life shaping services. From 1972 BRAC's Sir Fazle Abed started linking together grassroots community solution networks.

how did villager networks around Sir Fazle build rural health service? build village education? build banking networks? build valuetrue maps of food , water and safe-for-children communities?  


World Bank Group Youth Summit 2014: The Need for Open & Responsive Governments

October 7, 2014


IFC Auditorium, Washington, DC

The World Bank Group is hosting its second annual Youth Summit, in partnership with the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth. This year's event will focus on increased youth engagement in issues relating to government transparency, accountability, and collaborative governance. The event is free of charge.
The World Record Book of Job Creation -game 1 survey your social network for top 10-12 job creators. Rules choose people who can win-win with eact others networks because their deepest skills or trust networks compliment each other 


In this context, here's a summary of our favorite learnings from BRAC so far - we'd love to hear yours washington dc 301 881 1655 world class lessons on job creation


Choice of schooling systems is absolutely vital to development of a new nation and ending poverty. Bangladesh is uniquely fortunate with WISE ranking BRAC number 1 job creating education system


Along with education, health and banking are systems that impact families' lives and livelihoods out of every community. The search for what can a once poorest 100+ million nation do about building affordable healthcare across generations is one that BRAC and Partners in Health that both millennials and world bankers might gain from studying first



In fast changing countries the tensions between what peoples in big cities and in rural areas most wish for their childrens future can make or break or redefine nations. The coming of the digital world seems to have picked up the speed of change everywhere. Getting crop science transparently sustainable for rural people is pivotal to any transparent race to alleviate poverty. Studying how brac has built crop science knowledge to anchors whole food value chains around sustaining villagers jobs is a most joyful application. How mobile technology empowers peoples (especially women and youth) in this regard may be the most vital leadership decision those who own satellites and mobile networks connect to 21st C humanity.


The future of food, energy and water and waste cannot be separated socially or economically anywhere that peoples are to grow peacefully or cross-culturally. Wherever economists or professions fail to value this they fail world citizens and villagers. BRAC as the world's largest NGO is as diversely conscious of this sustainability crisis as anyone and searches out partnerships towards these ends in ways that are core to how open education applications of the internet are now being determined. This may yet define which millennials' goals wholly and truly define our generation's impact on the human race


Borderless governance? If 14-35 year olds were empowered by their own digital currency, then the way millennials interfaced with china NOW may be where humanity's future history spins. Is this an innovation agenda on which elders and regulators of cashless banking and crypto-currencies have patiently sought testimonies from BRAC - on girls' views if not all youth's views


 Why has the 43rd year of our search for net generation's world record job creators converged on sir fazle abed?

If you have a different nomination, we'd welcome chance to explore how you play the world record job creation game washington dc 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc linkedin 9500 facebook microeconomics

student webs  

Diary UN start of the year 2014-2015 new york -file note for version 1

 I was privilleged to attend 5 meetings in 48 hours before getting an early train to listen to the curriculum of rice at usaid shared by the phillipines open learning network IRRI and Last week I attended NY gala luncheon convened to celebrate sir fazle abed - unfortunately I was on other side of room during the 90 minutes we shared bread- these are my shortlist of people I met over 48 hours in NY that I really wished I had a quick chance to introduce to sir fazle abed

 -but first It was a pleasure to see that sir fazle abed has redoubled his commitments to girls-job designed education   (more at and )

ps this startup year 2014-2015 was particulatly important as it also coincides with the last student year before millennium goals are hopefully given back to girls as per this sir fazle abed inspired  script  -realistically its also the last student year that universities across america will have a chance to converge on the CNN turner invitation atlanta nov 2015  -what do millennials now know to linkin to UN after the billion dollar empowerment giving  from the turner family

from summit

sarah butler sloss (ne sainsbury) green microenergy awards networks with royal co-sponsor prince charles

a female executive of the state department ( name private until project wwwww is started )

wife of ambassador to philippines in new york

co-creator of the green carpet at perfume company Chopard (hq in geneva)

dr michel sidibe of unaids in geneva 

franca sozzani of vogue italy who could have more impact if she teamed up with rome links noted below

  from UN Global leadership women

the toure family (father mother daughter) of ITU geneva and linking first ladies of africa (including their home base oe mali) to Zero mothers die - one of the most urgent reasons I can thinks of valuing free nursing colleges everywhere

the redoubtable eva wan of Bawang international-one of china's strongest business ladies  and now "giving" to girls education in africa

from the dt seminar sponsored by grameen intel, ifad and usaid

Kazi Huque (and intel team) whose nurtured about 25 wizard bangladeshi technologists to work on converting big data to mobile agri apps for poorest farmers

 IFAD leaders rome who could do so much more reaching out to millennials' youth if they partnered club of rome and its youth social action networks of the nobel peace laureates summit

the usaid speaker who promised to connect leaders of curriculum of rice (wednesday dc usaid) 

from quiet dinner party & collaboration cafe 

ladies changing the jewelry value chain and john of  

social media whizkid from yale 

ethiopian and usafrica disapora supporters of the elearning satelllite, and dispora's taking responsibility to end costly middlemen from 20 selected food markets

who do you most wish you had introduced sir fazle abed to and where are they located in case diaries ever snap! washingtin dc 301 881 1655

for main leads at event beyond my means - see 

curriculum of clinton 2014-2015 part 1 and curriculum of clinton 2014-2015 parts 2




 Your Excellencies and Distinguished Guests,


If there is  one social enterprise in the  whole world that ticks all the right boxes from vision to business like execution providing anti poverty solutions and services on a world scale ; it is BRAC of Bangladesh.Recognized and feted worldwide for its achievements , the sheer numbers of its outreach are staggering and boggles the mind.

How many people does it help ? Well, currently 135 million; that’s almost half the population of the United States. It employs nearly One Hundred Thousand community workers.

 You all might wonder how much money does it lend  ?hold your breath…

Well – it’s cumulative disbursement of micro loans stands at;  Ten Billion US Dollars !!

 How many children does it educate ?

Well ; it runs The Largest private secular education system in the world – with 38,000 schools worldwide !

 Where is it ?

It has put to the test it’s motto “ Think local – acting global” with reference to his vision spawned in Bangladesh by spreading it’s anti-poverty solutions to 12 developing countries worldwide.

 Now – who are we talking about here ? Yes none other than Founder  of BRAC, one of the greatest visionary Leader- Sir Fazle Hasan Abed,


The person whose vision created this most versatile social enterprise which is the largest non profit in the world.


internet as entrepreneurial revolution of learning learning



In his early days he was leading a comfortable life working with a multinational company in the UK, when Bangladesh, his motherland was swept into it’s war of independence.



This event brought out the visionary in him and made him into a missionary. A fact unknown to many is  that this man on a mission made a significant contribution to the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent country. The newly born country with a shattered infrastructure and an economy in ruins was simply swamped  by a deluge of ten million returning refugees. This man, already committed to the challenge of rehabilitation, immediately set up the Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee which was renamed as the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee when it focused itself onto  the broader task of long term community development.

BRAC as it is now known worldwide has come to be recognized as the gold standard or a brand ; signifying not only a dedication to a mission of grassroots empowerment with focus on women, secular education, healthcare services as part of an all inclusive self sustaining anti poverty solution – but flawless execution throughout. Not since Florence Nightingale has any other human being shown the beacon of hope and amelioration to so many people around the world suffering the pain and ignominy of poverty. He has already lifted more than 135 million people from the abyss of darkness and we can only appeal to you here to contribute to enable him to carry out his noble mission and show the light to millions more in dire poverty.

 This is what Bill Clinton had to say about this most unassuming and humble of men “ Abed’s story proves just how much people with vision and commitment can change the world. “

 Knighted in 2009 by the Queen of England in recognition of his immense contribution to poverty alleviation and  self sustaining development solution, we are honored and delighted to welcome Sir Fazle Hasan Abed on to the stage to receive The Women’s Champion Award  from non other than Evie Evangelou…

Naila Chowdury Women4Empowerment NY 23 Sept 2014 

  Celebrating what first ladies & everyone under 35 can search for in the Brand Reality of the Young Nation of Bangladesh
From 10 years of research of Bangladesh (2005-2014),  our findings are that bangladesh's miraculous development round grasssroots mothers and youth networks since being born in 1971 as poorest 100 million plus nation on planet is : both sir fazle abed and muhammad yunus contributed  wonderfully to the miracle of empowering 15 million village mothers networks to end poverty. However BRAC started as a network 11 years before the grameen ordinance of 1983 and during that time designed both the schooling and minimal health systems that all mothers and village children needed before income generation could be joyfully sustained. 

21st c job crises occur wherever a commmunity's intergenerational savings are destroyed by global systems that are either too big to exist or not governed transparently by exponentially sustainable valuation rules (see brookings 2000 report for checklist of compound risks that global professional firms have yet to tackle)


Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 KB  


BRAC's open educational culture (Abed inaugural wise laureate) and  open society architectural mindset of sir fazle abed (20th laureate) offer millennials wonderful fits with 2010s' open learning campus tools  (khan academy, on-deman coursera , yazmi etc) that celebrate his knowhow. BRAC is not only the largest NGO in the world but the most trusted to partner with over the kind of time span relevant to intergenerational impact    ...more.

Transparency note :  both sir fazle abed and muhmmad yunus have been chief guests at remembrance parties to Norman Macrae The Economist's  mediator of net generation jobs - as his son I may be biassed by such kindness linkedin washington dc 301 881 1655

 Trillion Dollar Audit defining a global market to be entrepreneurially free when it sustains the most local jobs is also historically a western idea that economists were loyal to from Adam Smith to Maynard Keynes, but NOW needs to be urgently rediscovered by millennials movements of 2030now): Population statistics explain why all worldwide youth and women4empowerment movements can joyfully gain from collaborative (multi-win value exchange models) trades BECAUSE over 60% of millennials live in asia. It is firtunate, therefore, that the eastern hemisphere's second half of the 20th c came up with 3 economic miracles:

the end poverty microfranchises of bangladesh

the superb quality (zero defect ) products first moved by the japanese

the extraordinary trading metaports and metacities which until recently seemed to be mainly a chinese speciality - emerging cases dubai. oman




Update to if i could connect sir fazle abed and pro-youth connectors of un year 2014-2015

 week 2 now that rome has cancelled cape town nobel laureates summit remembrance of mandela due to visa issue with dalai lama- renewed urgency that rome converges its pro-youth sustainability networks: fashion, agriculture (DT) big data ifad, club of rome green, club of rome peace; Italy also remains largest souther economy whose youth jobs EU will destroy through over-standardised planning, bad (or badwill) banking, unpeaceful border strategies and failure to open educate platform entrepreneurial union


more of what happened in new york during week 1 and



wanted - ideas on how anywhere could unite in celebrating good news of collaborating with brac

Timeline of Open Learning Campus (OLC) -latest newsletter

2014 world record top10 job creator jim kim's world bank takes collaboration lead : launching OLC (with coursera) august 2014, 2nd annual youth summit october 7 2014, first annual UN-partnered millennials competition spring 2015

100 links to BRAC


background research links on women4empowernent curricula at womenuni.comand millennials (25-35 profesionals) most valuable knowledge network ever to human race at


1972: in the West The Economist starts debating OLC after seeing students experiment with early digital learning network (UK national dev program computer assisted elarning; milllenials goals and swot of planetary sustainability of net generation published after 12 years of global views mediation; NZ educators start continuous experiments book form becomes favorite export to 10 million chinese parents


in East BRAC starts greatest bottom-up lab for OLC -Bangladesh becomes doubly famous for this when Muhammad Yunus starts linkng in 4 years later- latest updates celebration's MOOC Yunus; yunus invites atlanta to turn youth peace laureate summits into twin capitak events with most value to host than olympics or world cup




1989 Berners Lee launches the web- soon mit media lab in boston becomes most resourced open source tech wizards innovation lab;early 1990s Samara launches Africa's and Asia first freedom of peoples info satellites-sonn Kenya's IHUB backed by ushahidi becomes the  worldwide youth's most exciting open source tehnology wizard's networking space

- 2014 update Yazmi.comled by DC-Ethiopia diaspora networks


Late 1990s S.Africa's free university launched- 2014 update Blecher parners now shoot for 1 million additional job creation across whole 14 million youth african schooing system by 2020- ihub partners all over africa (and indeed in any capital with future) invited to linkin

Late 200s Khan Academy invesnts the most valuable reporting format of all -maximum 9-minute audio blackoards-0 game is on- which audio-blackboards are so valued by youth to peer to peer learn with that their viral actin networking makes trending on twitter look like a sideshow


puzzle 1 : Back in 1962 The Economust celebrate the win-win peace economics model of japan and projects milennail population statistics will require Asian Pacific milllenials to be responsible for more than half of the planet's open and  sustainbility investments 1975- 2025- who;s connecting this? jack ma?  Yao Ming with Brookings Inside Out China and Unseen Wealth teams? rsvp washington dc hotline 301 881 1655

How did bottom-up NGO BRAC become the world's largest most collaborative network for partnering in millennials sustainability? While it is known globally and locally for sharing extreme innovations in community banking, its foundations were first built on 3 subnetworks:

bottom-up disaster relief

massive scaling of microfranchisie solutions to life critical challenges

what the WISE laureates value as number 1 job-creating education network in the world (parallel nominees by context of freedom of entrepreneurial skills)


help us review 2013 MOOC

2013 was a year in which professors might have found out what a huge gap ...

is khan academy's 60 minutes introduction to coding the most valuable training billions of youth have ever been offered? otherKhan links

Who's mapping the most valuable collaboration youth networks in the world -here's why 42 years of entrepreneurial revolution surveys lead us to value orbiting around families of Abed and Soros and Turner- whose collaboration with youth's futures do you value most?



  • what would a million youth most wish to see in a 6 weeks mooc guided tour to -if you can help our research please email  washington dc 1 301 881 1655

internet as entrepreneurial revolution of learning learning

valuetrue search for most human value of internet 

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