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3 most important metrics of pro-youth economics: goodwill, sustainability, transparency
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 what we knew in 1984 about 2024  sustainability will depend on changing education 

There has been a sea-change in the traditional ages on man. Compared with 1974 our children in 2024 generally go out to paid work (especially computer programming work) much earlier, 

bottom page 98 to 105 

-  chapter 8

what we knew about china's contributions in 1977

 what the chinese are helping youth and teachers explore 

2016 wise@beijing

2017 wise@madrid

2017 wise qatar 7th laureates meet sir fazle abed laureate 1 and alumni of laureates 1 to 7 asked by Guterres to convenee (43 weeks of prep)

WISE@UNGA new york sept 2018

asked by president Akufo Addo of Ghana and UN advocates to convene 

WISE@ACCRA may 2018

asked my Macron to convence wise@Paris march 2019

-other belt road education and new development banking summits 


1 end poverty   5 gender equality 
2 end hunger  3 basic health for all  4 jobs-edu for all 
6 water and sanitation  7 affordable & clean energy 
8  decent work & economic growth  10 reduced inequalities 
9 industry innovation & infrastructure  11 sustainable cities & communities 
13 climate action  16 peace, justice, strong institutions  
12 resposible consumption & production  14 life under water 15 life on land 

17 partnerships youth & private & public
-POPtech (Preferential Option Poor) tech


Trade maps - development of peoples by goodwill (health) times finance (wealth)

Even in 2015 when the world of nations agreed an urgent race to health's sustainability goals out of every community on mother earth, the west's 10 wealthiest men owned more financial power than the poorest half of the world. 

And the poorest quarter, mainly girls owned less than 1%.
Astronaut Ron Garan poses massive collaboration challenge ( more http://spaceap 

To understand the collaboration stories of what innovating curricula of sustainability generation urgently means, 3 generations (grandparents, parents, youth) of peoples (citizens and global villagers of the world) need to explore how trade and trust-cultures developed exponential consequences through millennium 2.

And we need to find joy in our hearts at such unconventional discoveries as where from 1972 the world's poorest muslim girls developed the 8th most populous nation through goodwill (quest for health and learning) starting with next to zero financial power- Bangladesh's story. Thanks to a servant leader like world record jobs creator Sir Fazle Abed
Bill Gates wishing Sir Fazle for his 80th birthday "The world is better because of you." - Bill Gates (co-chair and trustee of Bill &  
  1. bbcroseyunus

    • 8 years ago
    bbc oceans broadcaster paul rose muhammad yunus ashden awards royal geographical society solar grameen bangladesh.

North of Bangladesh another miracle in human development - China multiplied exponentially around a fifth of the world's people from the start of last quarter of the 20th century. 

China also grew by adopting the empowering idea that women lift up half the sky. But unlike Bangladesh, it enjoyed the hi-trust hi-tech flows of being linked in to 1976's 3rd most wealthiest network -the Chinese Diaspora who operated the superports wherever Oriental Entrepreneurial spirit was peacefully freed after the end of world war 2. 

The Chinese Diaspora were  eager to inward invest in the rise of the mainland around 1000 fold more communications technology (2016 versus 1946) as well as the most modern of trading infrastructures humans have ever been freed to interact and learn around. 

How confucian trust in China's series of  6 paramount leaders since 1976 would multiply importance inside china, and thence worldwide chances of the sustainability of youth - the race to be irreversibly determined by 2030. 

merry xmas chris macrae wechat (usa) 240 316 8157
exploring world rade maps during the 2nd millennium 1000-1500: most people didnt travel more than 15 miles from place of birth unless they were kings, lived near water or lived on mother earth's climactically temperate space called the northern MEDiterranean; here people developed overland win-win trades all the way across Eurasia from europe's  epicentre venice to china's epicentre hangzhou- storyteller of the silk road marco polo- surprsing cross-cultural results include what became italy's national dish pasta was - imported adaption of the chinese knowledge used to make noodles1500-1720 - just before 1500 men intitally from the MED discovered the new world to the west (we now call americas and carribean ) AND (by sailing round africa) that the far east including china wasnt landlocked. Ships took over from the silk road trading route. The big difference was shipping cattains weer financed to impose empires over what was traded- sometimes taking over people's lands in the process. Soon Britain the least landlocked of European nations took over as dominant trader reflected by the dismal refrain - rule britannia, britannia rules the waves, britons never never never shall be slaves

from around 1720, the world changed with the British  invention of the steam engine- now thousands later million times more trasnportation power than horse or man became possible; unfortuately until 1946 this power was mainly used so that big nations's empires got bigger and bigger, and this included 20th C world wars over using up carbon energy and other nartural resources;  two scottish economists had tried to change british policy -adam smith as early as 1750s and james wilson wilth his son-in law walter bagehot from 1843 (founding The Economist); smith failed in his argument that birtian should free trade with usa which therefore declared independence from british control of markets in 1776; wilson and his son-in=law bagehot did convert victoria to envision commonwealth but too late to stop europe's empires from starting 2 world wars, the sceond of which included the island mation of japan that had caught the bad habit of empiring over its neigbors (initially because trips from America's navy had woken it up to the hostile power of navies.)

Wosts of all, britain's desire to get out of empire and slavery came too late ; britain had dictated to china that it would take goods like silk, psices and porceleain in exchnage for opium; the chiense empire fell and the hciense peoples built a great wall to stop[ trading with the west- what with japan also empiring over korea and china from the east, chinse confidence to start win-win world trades again wasnt conceived to the 1960s. What hapened was the closed socfiety of china managed to starve 50 million of its own people in the 1960s; after a blolody internal cultural revolution, china came out to the world in expoenetially accelerating ways from 1976 - we believ this can yet be the moiracle that the whole human race can map sustainability around but it will take a lot of goodwill across all sorts of natins due to everything else that spiraled in milennium 2 


In over a cenuiry of reporting the worldwide market for poverty alleviation (mapped bottom-up locally to globally) 5 generations of macraes and diaspora scots have reported firstly as missionaries, pharmacists and social lawyers (in india and korea) then as war reporters and journalists eg at The Economist from 1948) and marketers from positive experiences of the East to West. Of course not all experiences are positive anywhere, but ultimately the East since 1946 has had to innovate alterantive win-win models of trade than those of solely controling empire and king carbon.  Even as carbon energy was needed to play at all from 1950s the japanese (from loser of world war 2 to the second largets economy of 1970) minutarised electronics and quality systems without which computers and telecom satelites would have been delayed as would bullet trains and containerised suoerports; south korea learnt from japan; the chinese diaspora mapped where trading superports were needed around the hemisphere--, and so we race back from 2030 with belt road maps as hi-trust examples for 21st C smart trade. These can be benchmarked all around the world but those nearest to china have aims such as:

peace at all of china's borders

developing china's landlocked west back across eurasia and middle east routes;  though to win-win possibilities with africa; north towards the ice road belt, seeing how russia's peoples can join in a sustainable world ; wondering if the far east of asia which hapens to be russian will build a tunnel to alaska; with bullet trains  the trip from beijing to san diego via seattle and silicon valley could take less than 24 hours if Elon Musk technologies work. Conversely a very economical railway like the china express now reconnects madrid and china; its 3-4 weeks journey time being good for non-persishable categories which can enable small enterprsies to digitally free trade (see Jack Ma's year of brainstorming presented as EWTP at china's g20 in 2016.China Express's  main invention is dryports at every border  of nations where the railway guage changes. This lets containers be docked between 2 diferent trains as smoothly as possible in what becomes a relay of goods and newly blossoming cultural exchanges across what had been landlocked eurasia 

changing education these are the most exciting times to be alive 


adam smith - blogs 1 

summary of what adam smith knew by andrew skinner - norman macrae family honored to share reemembrance party at glasgow university- skiner their man scholar of msith died nov 2011, 17 months after death of macrae 

Adam Smith, Science & Human Nature by Professor Skinner 

100 years of reporting the market for poverty alleviation
2018 year that india and china raced to end poverty : together!
trade maps - development of peoples by goodwill (health) and finance (wealth)
100 cities -sustainability's last call
Optimistic reasons 2018's sustainability summits will leap to changing education round 3 bn new jobs
jinping transcript 14 may 2017 project of the century - belt road
aiib 2018 mumbai june
WISE@UNGA 2018 september new york

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